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UHS Employee Engagement Survey
2015 UHS Employee Engagement Survey May 9 - May 26

Talk to us ... your opinion counts.

May 9 through May 26  •   It's easy ... and completely confidential.

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Welcome to the 2015 UHS Employee Survey!

Creating a process for employees to express their opinions about the organization and to collaborate on finding solutions continues to be one of the core values of UHS. We have valued the information that we have gleaned from the Employee Survey in the past. We believe that the organization is more effective because we have asked for your feedback and have used them in finding solutions for identified issues.

Your direct and honest feedback is requested and it will be used to make UHS an even better place to work and grow as an employee.

Your response will be treated confidentially and you will remain anonymous. No one at UHS will see any individual responses. The identifying data you provide here is used to verify that you are a UHS employee and to direct you to the correct survey for your facility. The only reports that will be created are compiled at a supervisor level so that an individual response cannot be discerned.

Thank you for your input,

Gerry Johnson Geckle
Vice President, Human Resources
Universal Health Services